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Practices are held on the balcony of the Henry Crown Field House (5550 South University Avenue) for two hours a day, Monday through Friday, as follows:
Monday-Thursday: 5 PM to 7 PM
Friday: 4 PM to 6 PM (open bouting)
Practices consist of team conditioning and footwork, after which we split up into weapon squads to drill and bout.

What to Bring

Fencing equipment if you have it; if not, we will provide weapons, masks, and other protective gear. Wear sneakers and long athletic pants. Don't forget to bring water!


The University of Chicago Fencing Team has both men’s and women’s teams in all three weapons: foil, sabre, and epée. New fencers can try out each of the weapons during the first weeks of practice and decide which one they want to fence.


Only persons directly associated with the University of Chicago itself may fence with the team. That means, roughly speaking, only current students (undergraduate or graduate), recent alumni, faculty, or staff of the University of Chicago, or the spouses thereof, may fence with the team.


Dues will be collected on a quarterly basis and will cover equipment and collegiate tournament fees. They will be due at the start of the third week of practice for the quarter. If you have a problem paying dues, talk to us about helping our armorer repair weapons.
Quarterly dues are as follows:
Fall Quarter: $40
Winter Quarter: $40
Spring Quarter: $40


Squad members going to competitive NCAA team tournaments will be chosen by the weapon captains primarily on the basis of attendance at practice. We’ve taken brand new fencers to past tournaments. Fencers can also go to USFA (United States Fencing Association) tournaments in the area, although USFA tourney and yearly membership fees must be covered by the individual fencer.


Fencing has a long and varied history at the University of Chicago. In 1892, the founders of the University included fencing as one of the activities complimenting the education and well-being of the ideal renaissance student. The varsity team developed and grew into a powerhouse—winning the Big Ten Championship seven times between 1930 and 1941. As the years progressed, numerous All-Americans and several Olympians were to result from the program. In the middle of the century, when the University re-centered itself around an academic focus, all varsity teams at the school were cancelled with the exception of fencing and gymnastics. Fencing prevailed as one of the more successful sports at the University of Chicago until 1996. After one hundred and four years of history, the varsity team was cancelled by the school’s Athletics department. A huge uproar resulted, and several different explanations of the team's demise were circulated. Fencing all but disappeared for the 1996-97 season. In 1998 a small club surfaced, which grew into a successful and respected team thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated team members. The club is still one of the few teams at the University of Chicago which successfully competes against Big Ten schools such as Notre Dame and Ohio State. The revived team, following in the footsteps of the University itself, chose their motto to be “Rising from the ashes.”


List of This Season's Tournaments and Results

Tournament Date Gender Weapon Score
Club Championships TBD, 2020 ---
Midwest Fencing Conference Championships (MFCs) February 22-23th, 2020 ---
IU Duals/Purduals February 8th, 2020 ---
DiCicco Duals Notre Dame January 26th, 2020 ---
2019 Northwestern Fall Duals November 12th, 2019 Men Foil 4-1
Epee 2-3
Sabre 2-3
Women Foil 0-5
Epee 4-1
Sabre 2-3
2018 Indiana Duels I forgot Men Foil 5-0
Epee 3-2
Sabre 4-1
Women Foil 4-1
Epee 4-1
Sabre 5-0

Previous Results

2018 CFCs - Team

3rd ~ Team Women's Epée
1st ~ Team Men's Foil
5th ~ Team Women's Saber

2018 CFCs - Individual

4th ~ Spencer Gordon-Sand ~ Men's Foil
4th ~ Julia Smith ~ Women's Epée

2018 MFCs - Team

2nd(Schiller) ~ Team Men's Foil

2018 MFCs - Individual

15th ~ Julia Smith ~ Women's Epée
15th(Schiller) ~ Hannah Breslau ~ Women's Saber
16th ~ Nikia Dulin ~ Men's Saber

2017 CFCs - Team

1st ~ Team Men's Foil

2017 CFCs - Individual

4th ~ Richard Wu ~ Men's Foil

2017 MFCs - Team

2nd(Schiller) ~ Team Men's Epée

2017 MFCs - Individual

7th(Schiller) ~ Maciek Zmyslowski ~ Men's Epée

2016 CFCs - Team

4th ~ Team Men's Epée
7th ~ Team Women's Foil
3rd ~ Team Men's Foil
3rd ~ Team Men's 3 Weapons

2016 CFCs - Individual

13th ~ Joseph Omar ~ Men's Epée
14th ~ Erik Hupp ~ Men's Epée
4th ~ Emma MacDuff ~ Women's Foil
10th ~ Hannah Binney ~ Women's Foil
1st ~ Robert Stone ~ Men's Saber

2016 MFCs - Team

3rd(Schiller) ~ Team Men's Epée
4th(Schiller) ~ Team Women's Foil
5th ~ Team Men's Foil

2016 MFCs - Individual

15th ~ Erik Hupp ~ Men's Epée
15th ~ Emma MacDuff ~ Women's Foil
9th(Schiller) ~ Charlie Bullock ~ Men's Foil

2015 CFCs - Team

7th ~ Team Men's Epée
2nd ~ Team Women's Foil
10th ~ Team Overall

2015 CFCs - Individual

5th ~ Maciek Zmyslowski ~ Men's Epée
3rd(T) ~ Emma MacDuff ~ Women's Foil
11th ~ Sho Lin Chen ~ Women's Foil
15th ~ Elle Hill ~ Women's Foil
3rd(T) ~ Charlie Bullock ~ Men's Foil
11th ~ Kate Forrester ~ Women's Sabre



Paul Boswell



Nikita Dulin


Vincent Maddi

Team Captain

Paul Keene


Caleb Sussman


Spencer Gordon-Sand

Foil Captain

Mina Peak

Epee Captain

Julie Fan

Sabre Captain

Arthur Oien


Luca Strohmeier


Izzy Allum

Assistant Armorer

Caleb Sussman


Celia Scowcraft

Minister of Moral Support

Meggie Su

Minister of Moral Support

Victoria Constant


Jerome Freudenberg


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